Melissa is not a girl

I was responding to a ad on Craigslist for a person parting out a Subaru RS.  I was able to finally locate a center console for my car to replace the one the original owner mauled.  The part is a pain to find because of its size that if it was shipped it would cost more than the part.  So the $40 bucks positioned it self as a good deal.

In the responses to this person the email came from a Melissa.  Which stuck me as rather odd for a girl to be parting out a car, but I mean it is a cool car so may be interesting.  I knew a girl in the past that had a really nice deep blue mica RS coupe that added cams to.  So its possible.

On the way there I called the seller when I was approaching. It was at this point that I found that Melissa is not a girl, or rather was not who was parting it out.  There goes the hopes of the gearhead chick.

I follow the direction from my sat nav and remember what to look for when approaching.  I make the left into the garages parking lot when all of a sudden out of no where I hear tires squeals of an on coming car.  The car must have been booking because I do not believe that I cut anyone off by any means.

The Problem starts here.

It was a cop.  So with reinforcements they approach the car and tell me to roll all my windows down (tinting?).  I give him my paper work and one offices watches over me while the partner runs my paper work.  when he returns he test for my pupil reaction with a ~15 LED flash light.  Probably about the same effect as the high beams but what the hell.  As I flinch from the super bright light he get all irritated with me and pulls me out of the car… and NO I didn’t ask him is he knew how fast he was goin.

At this point I was positioned with my hands on my car and checked for knives, drugs, guns, or whatever.  I guess my paper work didn’t return the dead beat shit they were looking for so I was told to sit back in my car.

After several minutes I was told they didn’t have any citations but I would receive something in the mail with what I was charged for. When I asked what that would be I was told reckless driving?!  I didn’t sign anything.

After they got back in the car, it appear they were waiting for me to drive away..  but I step out of the car and walked to the parts car which was about 20ft away.

…I have a new center console now I guess.  It just was not how I was thinking it would go down.

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  1. So…did you get a citation???