When I first got my RS the car was equipped with the ‘brain’ for keyless entry but I was not given any remotes with purchase. After learning that the module was there for the keyless I was able to source 2 Fobs on ebay for the car for under $20. These fobs were used for and were not in the greatest of shape.. but the worked after reprogramming!! One of the two units had the ring used to attach it to your key ring broken, the other broke after about 2-3months of use. From there it sat unused while unable to source a new case for the fob.

And then it hit me.. I purchased some supplies.

Then I shaved the corners of the fob round so they wouldnt get caught on things and glued the sucker to a high power little flash light!! The light has three modes of operation. a High, low, blink and off.


Back in action.  Question your self what would macgyver do.. then do it.

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