It was a nice day out today.. It all started with rotating my tires, then I thought to my self, well I have the hack out.. Might as well install these mounts that have been sitting in my garage for almost a year.

Last year I purchased Group-N Engine and transmission mounts to put in the car, got the transmission one in and with accidental knee injury I never got around to putting the motor mounts in.

Today it was near 70 deg out and was enough motivation to get the task accomplished.

Lessons learned.

The rear bolts on the Mount are frustrating to get out. I had to pb blaster and use a box wrench as I see no way possible that a socket could be used.

In the process of slightly shifting the engine to gain access to the rear mount bolts I am speaking about above, I had shifted the engine that was fighting me from falling back into the subframe. I had to drop into the chat at rs25 to get advise on better way to approach it. Was recommended to disconnect the pitch stop mount(mount under air box that connects transmission to the firewall) then support the transmission with a jack, and rock the engine into place. This worked out perfect for me.

The butt test showed that these removed all the “slack” when going between heavy acceleration to no acceleration.

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