Screw you… Screw

Have been fighting a fuel issue with my FC RX7. After changing the fuel filter and no improvement I purchased fuel strainer / sock that attaches to the fuel pump.

Located the harness to relieve pressure in the fuel system. Found along the left rear strut tower. Start the car, disconnect the plug and car runs out of fuel. Then just open the gas cap and the system is completely depressurized.  Get the cover off to access the fuel pump and find the mounting screws are nasty, real Nasty.


These 8 crews looked like crap from the start so I was cautious in removal. I used plenty of pb blaster and downward force and still stripped two of these.


Options for extraction gets a little hairy when a spark would cause an explosion.

Was able to notch a slit in the screw with a chisel for removal with a flat headed screw driver. What a relief this was.


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