This was the time lapse from a camping trip at Linn Run State Park. Notice that the power went out in the video, we didn’t get power until the following day.

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  1. If only the power had stayed on, what a show we would have performed : )

    The 1st minute was very interesting. 4 brains going at it in a one roomed cabin preparing for the evening of which we had no idea what to expect.

    Till next time gentlemen!

    (great song selection Eckenrode and time lapse in general)

  2. That first Minute was amazing! Couldn’t make out to much after the lights went out.

  3. Thats what she said

  4. Looks like a really fun time!! Love the warning over the fireplace about the fire being hot

    • Once we had too much smoke from the fire we had the night hike. Was extreme convergence of clouds that night. Different directions clouds at different altitude. It was the last of the rain before every thing turned to snow the next day. These strong winds were strong, are the cause of our power output.
  5. Damn! Wish the lights stayed on. You guys were creating a masterpiece!
    Thanks for the first minute though lol:)