Found these FREE REI classes recently with a Beyond Bike Maintenance Basics free class held by REI which was very useful. Since then have kept an eye on upcoming events on their calendar. Tonight’s class was on medicinal plants.

what i need to do

GPS Trail + American Ginseng
juicing aloe vera

I forget what else was Appalachian specific, or possible in this area.  my note taking sucks, but i know someone that does better notes, and.. i am, because we are 😛

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  1. Ryan we should try to find a class on finding wild mushrooms. We live in a virtual goldmine for them buggers and it would be amazing to be able to find some edibles.

  2. I agree. There are certain ones that I have seen that I knew were good, but need more than my eye on eating something like that. These ones are hard to mistake, you ever see morel mushrooms? Also The Great Morel has some more info.

  3. I stumbled upon so many living mushrooms this weekend up near Bruce’s camp when I took a solo hike up the mountain. I found interesting that Aspirin is derived from the bark of willow tree and meadowsweet. Also that tylenol / advil are very harsh on the liver which is what people take the morning after a hard night of drinking… double wammy to the liver.
    Looking forward to checking out the Pittsburgh Botonical Gardens when they open up – lots of work ahead, but it will be sweet to have so close to home once up and running.

  4. Yeah it is incredible how different shrooms grow in different seasons, you are almost always likely to find some sort of shroom popping up. We should start seeing a bunch of good ones rest of this month and November. I just really want to be able to know which ones to eat and which ones to leave, but there can be almost no distinguisable characteristics between edibles and deadlies. I do have a few shroom books that we could take on a day hike somewhere and try to identify some of the species. Total dork show but might be able to eat some super shrooms.

  5. Also, just watched the hobbit movie last night, and this is absolutely Big Ry.


  6. stay away from wild mushrooms!!! 😉