This was an abadoned buildings lot after a quick snow fall over the weekend.  After being there just a short while I looped it and stalled it by mistake and had to call for help.. Think the battery + cold needs it topped off.


The backing music is from this awesome video, who knows what they are saying but its still fun! 😀


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  1. Oh my gosh ry. I would have peed my pants if I was in the car with you! Too many light poles!

  2. Geeeeee Zuz. Haha I just showed this to Jul wish I could have recorded his face when he realozed there were a ton of poles lol.

  3. Haaa! This is awesome. Also, I’m never getting in a car with you again.

  4. this is great!!!

  5. That’s some quick spinning. Makes me excited for winter this year…. although I’ve got to be careful not to topple the Jeep over.