When starting my car on return from lunch break Friday it took me a minute to realize where the noise was coming from. The exhaust rattled and was not until started to back out of space that could tell that the engine was missing.


I plugged in my Bluetooth ObdII adapter, pulled the engine code with Torque and limped back to work. By this time my CEL on the car was already flashing at me. In its yelling, something ain’t right here status.

First mission was to figure out which one of 4 #3 was. Used marking on the coil pack to find the proper one. When checking the connection I had a tough time removing the boot / wire from the coil terminal. Went in to work and salvaged some supplies and found a couple scraps of 800gritt paper in my bowling bag from my trunk.

There was a significant amount of corrosion / rust build up. After breaking the boot loose with pliers I cleaned the wire end with a small metal file and the terminal end with sand paper and applied dielectric grease on it and putting back.


I didn’t snap a pic of the one that started the mess, but there was a lot more corrosion than #4 shown here. The bottom two are shiney. It’s as though grease was not properly applied on newest plug set.

Almost looks like can unscrew terminal and replace. Wonder if are the same things get with spark plugs at times. Think the ngk plugs for the rx7 come with a spare.


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