I have been working on a monitoring and alert system for my garden. Something that can read the soil temperature and moisture content while running from the sun. 

I have been learning electronics as a hobby for couple of years and have acquired different types microcontrollers; arduino, raspberry pi, ESP8266.  After a bunch of trial and error I began to really settle on the ESP, specifically the wemos d1 mini program with the Arduino ide. 

This project was put into a cheap sealed ammo box with a waterproof crimp port for the connecting wires for probes into soil. There is a TP4056 charger circuit that takes the 5v power from the solar cell to charge the battery. 

The wemos is programmed to send values to software called influxdb that stores these values and have configure software Grafana to report against it. This is what will be used to send text message to water the garden. 

Currently in a one week test or until battery dies test before building final board and deploy for the garden’s season. 

If all goes well,  phase 2 would be have gutter fill a rain collector that would feed a soaker hose to water when needed or until out of water.. 


I made this from some ethernet while listening to music. Stripped down some ethernet to bare wire and started twisting. Soldered trunk mass to keep it together, then limbs at the end


This season the garden was full of a variety of tomatoes, eggplant, beans, and most of all peppers. 

First the three pictured.. From the left, serrano, chili, pepperchini, then also grew habenero and ‘sweet’ baby bell.

First with the odd ball, the sweet bell ones were to be like the ones get in a bag of yellow orange and red ones you get from the store. They grew significantly bigger, only green-red and spicy. These were started from seed along with the pepperchini in February of this year. The other hot peppers were purchased as starters. All peppers grew with with love and disappearances over the summer adventures. Makes for a spicy pepper 😛

This second and final harvest was sorted, as some were sun dried enough not to bother smoking and threw in dehydrater. Figure will blend or mortar and pestle them for spice. The remaining peppers were smoked with some carrots and onions. 

For about 2 ½ hours 

Magic happened and turned into these. 😛


At the 2016 Pittsburgh Hacker Faire they held a enduro race, meaning you have required pit stop intervals and driver change out.. Team that puts in the most laps takes it. This kind of racing is how I found out about Karting at race Pitt.

Highlights were the Bluth chair truck and Lego Car, from hack Pittsburgh, which also took home the win.

Here you can see Lego Car taking the turn on two wheels for the crowd / moxy points.


-125k VF48 (2016 STi 1K miles)

-125k dark blues 565cc (cleaned and tested)

-125k Fuku turbo inlet (new) 

-125k Prodrive 3 Port ebcs (used) 

-125k Cosworth Phenolic Thermal Spacer 3mm (new) 

-125k grimspeed uppipe / downpipe gaskets

-125k Subaru 807515712 Oil Drain Hose (turbo oil drain)

-125k Denso 234-9011 Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (upstream)

Intake removed, installed the inlet and injectors 

Vf48 turbo install 

one EJ makings

All buttoned up


Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle


This was just test one, image every 2 seconds 30 fps video = 22 seconds (25fps would be 26 sec)