For the second time, not sure what I saw, but it was entertaining

Hiked at Mingo Creek and tested out Garmin instinct watch. Had hard time locating trail. Walked a field and awesome pine Grove before ending up near paved trail. We did hit a trail to a spring that was warmer than expected for the air temp for the week. Found someone’s lost boomerang and sparked interest to aquire a new skill.

At the 2016 Pittsburgh Hacker Faire they held a enduro race, meaning you have required pit stop intervals and driver change out.. Team that puts in the most laps takes it. This kind of racing is how I found out about Karting at race Pitt. Highlights were the Bluth chair truck and Lego Car, from hack Pittsburgh, which also took home the win. Here you can see Lego Car taking the turn on two wheels for the crowd / moxy points.

To download this video click this link then right click the video and save it for later. Most phones and computers should play this video if you have problems download VLC. This spot is rather new, built in about the last year or so. We took it for a jont after work. Met some people that maintain the trails as group of them were meeting for a ride. They do night rides on these trails it turns out. We took off without them as we needed the sunlight to navigate. Will be back!