Once again this year I grew a garden of hot peppers for my hot sauce. The variety and quantity of peppers changes each year. A change i made to the sauce this year was to not smoke the carrots but to juice like 20 pounds of them for thinning down and sweetening the sauce.

This season the garden was full of a variety of tomatoes, eggplant, beans, and most of all peppers.  First the three pictured.. From the left, serrano, chili, pepperchini, then also grew habenero and ‘sweet’ baby bell. First with the odd ball, the sweet bell ones were to be like the ones get in a bag of yellow orange and red ones you get from the store. They grew significantly bigger, only green-red and spicy. These were started from seed along with the pepperchini in February of this year. The other hot peppers were purchased as starters. All peppers grew with with love and disappearances over the summer adventures. Makes for a spicy pepper 😛 This second and final harvest was sorted, as some were sun dried enough not to bother smoking and threw in dehydrater. Figure will blend or mortar and pestle them for spice. The remaining peppers were smoked…

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After 9 days of brewing I pulled the scoby, separated all but a cup of the mother then added two cups of grape juice for the second part of fermentation. This part is sealed in sealed in KORKEN jars from ikea. This will produce the carbonated fizz in the brew. Will see how long this takes, read range is 1-7 days then refrigerate until you drink it.

I had kombucha before.. some of better than others, but similar were they were all over priced. I wanted to learn to make my own and found this page. This image after following the steps above and letting it grow for 10 days. This is from 6 days And 4 days

In my attempt to keep the apple trees from behind my house from trying to ruin my day with allergies I have sourced a local Bedillion Bee Farm to get honey from. They sell bees from the farm in 3lb or 5lb poses which led me to ft some questions to ask the owner, like how do you transport bees!!  I envisioned the scene from Tommy boy with the bee in the car and totally thought that would be the outcome if you put them in a car.  But he said its not that bad.  lol They were really nice people.  Will venture up there again for some of the Japanese Knot weed honey in couple months.

Ventured off in route to find this near perfect rated taco joint I found on good Fri when was released from work early. Only problem when was like 4 miles away from it when found it and my wallet was way way back at the car. So.. Take 2. This time ensured had money! Around Cecil we headed out across back roads(Hills!) to get into southpoint where Los Chiludos is located. The fish tacos were delicious. They had some awesome beans. They were garlic flavored beans but was not any garlic in then. Going to mess around and try and make them. Think is making a garlic tea and hydrating dried pinto bean in that. Maybe? I dunno The salsa we got to start was great like I Chipotle kind of spice with chared veggies. And of course booze for fuel to make it on the ride back! This was…

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Had great meal at pitaland, got several items from the market including sumac to make my own fattoush salad. Almost missed this on way out. Snapped 4pics and used gimp to save as a sequence.