Need to take focus to document and reflect on events. Here is a 90 deg turn with just throttle articulation.

I am a big fan of bonobo, and same with the new 2017 album. Like the work on the time lapse done on this video

I head out Monday morning to warm up my car for work and notice someone hit my car with spray paint. No tag of gang name or offensive symbols but a dot with a run of the paint it. But still why? A Co worker leant me a wad of medium clay bar. Some soapy water and 10 minutes it was clear again.

This Timelapse Video of Radio Observatories is Just Breathtaking I found this term in travels, and interesting study.

I was impressed how this turned out.  There was a serious amount of work to make this happen.  This is made from recycling old computer floppy drives and hard drives with a dash of ingenuity

“Advertising is legalized lying.” – H.G. Wells