I was grabbing the last small things out of my winter beater (company lease) that was getting returned today when this little guy went for my ankle. Basically scared the shit out of me. First time a rattle snake tried to attack me.. I can scratch that one off the list.

I hold high regard in power of the fortune cookie. I trust no other fortune telling medium. I’m waiting for a bad translation for failblog.

This means technically speaking I am up to par with Beck’s I’ve got two turn tables and microphone

This was the first time the car has been waxed since it was painted last year. Worked out well

Found a bag of fortune cookies at giant eagle market district. The deal seemed to good to be true. The cookies are odd, missing the orange flavor and too thick. This had me questioning if I had purchased counterfeit fortune cookies. My concerns were confirmed when I read the fortune


WordPress is widely used, but I have not given it the time of day. This new realization may change that.