Ventured off in route to find this near perfect rated taco joint I found on good Fri when was released from work early. Only problem when was like 4 miles away from it when found it and my wallet was way way back at the car. So.. Take 2. This time ensured had money! Around Cecil we headed out across back roads(Hills!) to get into southpoint where Los Chiludos is located. The fish tacos were delicious. They had some awesome beans. They were garlic flavored beans but was not any garlic in then. Going to mess around and try and make them. Think is making a garlic tea and hydrating dried pinto bean in that. Maybe? I dunno The salsa we got to start was great like I Chipotle kind of spice with chared veggies. And of course booze for fuel to make it on the ride back! This was…

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This Saturday took part in the East End Brewery Keg Ride again for this year. Could not have asked for better weather for the event. We started off with the breakfast of Champions, of a keg ride, with kegs and eggs at Bocktown as part of the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. Got a nice sampler of Brewery collaborations they had on special. I have not had beer at 8am for a long time! What a fun day it was.

Rode on Montour trail and stopped off at cecil to visit bedners farm got a great snack of some produce they sold. This place had some amazing pants. One for example they had bay leave plants. We had picked out a cantaloupe, amazing yellow cherry tomatoes, and purple pepper which enjoyed little picnic back on the trail. Sure beats working! This little guy was sitting in bottom of tray cactus to get discarded. I asked something about the color and if it lasted they didn’t know as the greenhouse closed in several months. Was told that these will root on dry dirt?! Took this numb of cactus on ride of its life. I need to remember to fight the urge to water it.

Took off work Friday to bike ride.  We camped Rockwood and went down to Confluence on Friday and back to Rockwood for a 40 mile loop. We camped at Rockwood and on Saturday we went the other direction past the Eastern Continental divide to the Big Savage Tunnel for a loop of about 43 miles. Notice the ice on the bars and that yellow thing on the book bag. This is a dry sack or what macgyver minded people would call your minimalist cooler. my gimp skills are weak. This was half way through the second day, basically the spot we turned around.  Passing through the tunnel twice blaring out tunes through an external speaker from a phone.  awesome acoustics!

There were spots that were washed out and parts the added to fill some holes. I am not sure what ones were worse. I hit some quick sand on return down hill and all most bit it. With giving it my all just missed my 1hr point. I blame trail conditions and heavy bike.

After anything that floats contest stopped for a drink. Within minutes my bike was gone.. My poor poor bike. Oh the humanity! EDIT Found this as last accidental pic taken while getting some shots of the anything that floats race.