I was lucky enough spend an evening with friends harvesting apples from tree behind my house. This was the production line I built. You feed in more than enough apples, little scrub in the camp bucket, chopped and sorted on stack of friend’s tires, juiced in the Omega, resulting in a pile for the compost and a 5 gallon of goodness. Today waking up the champagne yeast and MacGyver the cap to fit the air lock. -=EDIT=- Boom… And their off

After 9 days of brewing I pulled the scoby, separated all but a cup of the mother then added two cups of grape juice for the second part of fermentation. This part is sealed in sealed in KORKEN jars from ikea. This will produce the carbonated fizz in the brew. Will see how long this takes, read range is 1-7 days then refrigerate until you drink it.