I used Photomatix to batch process the bracketed images and then rendered into a video.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle   This was just test one, image every 2 seconds 30 fps video = 22 seconds (25fps would be 26 sec)

A local detour I took a time lapse of over the projects duration.  This was over a couple months. Trimmed out nights and reduced down half the number of frames that much was not going on so that times like when laying the concrete platforms has more frames.

FASTER Remix for 2x slower version look here This was taken over the span of 30 days. Taking 1 picture per minute (needed to use some scripting magic to reduce the images down).

To download this video click this link then right click the video and save it for later. Most phones and computers should play this video if you have problems download VLC.

This video was made from images across a span of a number of months, I think Nov – Mar.  This was my first attempt to make a time lapse over more than one day. It started out on battery power, then located an AC power adapter for my camera which allowed this to function without recharging and replacing the batteries daily. I had my issues in this process. Not ideal location, too many images (setting on the intervalometer), not using manual focus, and the sad fact that the end would be of flowers dying. Live, learn, adapt, overcome, and do not repeat.