I was having some issues with engine noise in the Saabaru and decided to swap rather than rebuild the engine. I got this EJ208 from a Canadian importer that gets low mileage engines from Japan. This is how the it started getting this mailed to my house. I unwrapped wrapped it and got it mounted on a stand for what was to come. I then pulled the old engine out so that I could start to swap over accessories to the engine on the stand. As you can see, beers and hammers are required. All was going fine, until it wasn’t. I had a bolt that broke swapping over the cross flow pipe for the coolant. It took a week to figure out how to get it out. I tried slotting it to remove with a flat head screwdriver, welding the broken part to a nut so that could unscrew…

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Need to take focus to document and reflect on events. Here is a 90 deg turn with just throttle articulation.

I installed some new strut mounts and set of USDM STi Pink wagon springs that I found on craigslist. At this time since knew would require an alignment, so I went and purchased a new axle to replace one that was torn since I got the car. This would get all things that would knock the alignment out in one shot to save time. In the process of installing that axle I found that the drivers side was torn again. But the bigger issue I ran into was the inner joint on the axle popped out and was not going back in without removing.  but since it was now 3-5 inches longer, the axle would not come out of the hub! I pulled the tie rod, then when separating the ball joint with pickle fork it ripped the crap out of the rubber boot.  Domino effect got me good in…

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Biked from near casino to waterfront over the weekend. Saw this hotel parking lot full of super cars. Images taken with stock Sense camera and hdr applied by camera360