Recently had to replant this date seed I sprouted from seed this thing is now a year old. Almost ripped a fresh date from tree last week, but was just out of reach. Will have to continue to grow my own.

Needs to make some progress and stretch it’s leaf out already. Lighting not ideal and sofa table for grow lights not acquired. Should make that a task of the day. Need to get something else from ikea as well. Maybe even a new plant. Trying to think best way to mount the light. Determine if I want it to hang suspended or use risers to center lights closer.

I do not have a proper mount for them currently. Balance between two coffee tables. I think that I had them mounted wrong and too far from plants, used items to raise them to same height and modified my test environment. Will see if have and improvements, I suspect these leaves should perk up towards the lights if is working at all. Last attempt the were only in red spectrum. @Rich, that spider plant I cloned is not doing anything. That was soo long ago now that I think of it. After rooting it stunted growth.

The next process in the trash remains of a snack. This date seed was germinated about 2 months ago. The rock on the pot appears to have a few fossils in it. It was found at blue hens falls at Cuyahoga Fall. Energy does not die, it transforms.