I have been working on a monitoring and alert system for my garden. Something that can read the soil temperature and moisture content while running from the sun.  I have been learning electronics as a hobby for couple of years and have acquired different types microcontrollers; arduino, raspberry pi, ESP8266.  After a bunch of trial and error I began to really settle on the ESP, specifically the wemos d1 mini program with the Arduino ide.  This project was put into a cheap sealed ammo box with a waterproof crimp port for the connecting wires for probes into soil. There is a TP4056 charger circuit that takes the 5v power from the solar cell to charge the battery.  The wemos is programmed to send values to software called influxdb that stores these values and have configure software Grafana to report against it. This is what will be used to send text…

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In the process of working on a couple of electronics projects I have learned how to make things work on a bread board. The make that mess into a board that will stack into the arduino. Then make the board connect to input pins through a standard cable. For about of month of real efforts notice the difference in what is possible.