I was having some issues with engine noise in the Saabaru and decided to swap rather than rebuild the engine. I got this EJ208 from a Canadian importer that gets low mileage engines from Japan. This is how the it started getting this mailed to my house. I unwrapped wrapped it and got it mounted on a stand for what was to come. I then pulled the old engine out so that I could start to swap over accessories to the engine on the stand. As you can see, beers and hammers are required. All was going fine, until it wasn’t. I had a bolt that broke swapping over the cross flow pipe for the coolant. It took a week to figure out how to get it out. I tried slotting it to remove with a flat head screwdriver, welding the broken part to a nut so that could unscrew…

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I found this sweet time lapse of rebuilding what looks like an old British car.  I love the part at the end with the spare parts lol. I always end up with spare parts 🙂

After a coolant leak has been diagnosed to an external leak (common for MY00 phase 2 SOHC engine) I have collected the parts for the leak to be corrected. While going into it going to have the timing belt replaced as well as what it connects to. Idlers, tensioner, and water pump mainly.