Once again this year I grew a garden of hot peppers for my hot sauce. The variety and quantity of peppers changes each year. A change i made to the sauce this year was to not smoke the carrots but to juice like 20 pounds of them for thinning down and sweetening the sauce.

Peppers eggplant and tomatoes started from seeds 2) Dads Habanero2) Pepper fish3) Corbaci Pepper (sweet)3) Aji Charapita2) Buena Mulata3) eggplant1) Purple cherry tomato1) Hog heart tomato1) Green zebra tomato Think will do beans or cukes out the side of the garden fencing.

This season the garden was full of a variety of tomatoes, eggplant, beans, and most of all peppers.  First the three pictured.. From the left, serrano, chili, pepperchini, then also grew habenero and ‘sweet’ baby bell. First with the odd ball, the sweet bell ones were to be like the ones get in a bag of yellow orange and red ones you get from the store. They grew significantly bigger, only green-red and spicy. These were started from seed along with the pepperchini in February of this year. The other hot peppers were purchased as starters. All peppers grew with with love and disappearances over the summer adventures. Makes for a spicy pepper 😛 This second and final harvest was sorted, as some were sun dried enough not to bother smoking and threw in dehydrater. Figure will blend or mortar and pestle them for spice. The remaining peppers were smoked…

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I didn’t have chicken wire. Made this device from wire fence did have.. Tied up the holes with like 30yard of fishing line. Stay away birds. MINE!  The seeds now are like basketball size. It was soo tall before gravity over took This is second plant. The bumblebees love it.