On Friday evening went for a Hike out at Settlers Cabin which corresponded with a full moon that same night.  On the hike out found this massive leaf that was larger than my hand.  It was significantly larger than the other leaves around. I caught this guy out the corner of my eye on the hike out. The moon in its glory.  Camera phones never do justice.

Not sure what this thing is. Was found in the woods in what looked like would be water run off. Hollow light thing similar to a ping pong ball in shape size and weight. In the center there was a bright green wad in the middle and thin strings like spider webs holding it into the center from the outer green shell like a type of suspension. The strangest property of this thing is there was only one and it stayed strikingly cold through its point since our finding.

I can’t remember where was hiking when took photo this day, but know I collected a sweet hunk off a downed huge tree for a cane / hiking stick.

Trecked around on a hike out at in a new uncharted territory.

Took some new routes through Racoon Creek again this week. We found this structure along out ways. The steep that can be in the center of the door way we took the challenge and replaced it on the top. Not sure why I didn’t snap a pick but was a challenge. But I know Matt has a pic of it in its right place.

What we hike through was the Frankfort Mineral Springs Resort.  This was the remains of a health spa for the wealthy in the mid 1800s.  There was one remaining structure at the top of the hill, other that that there are several unnatural rock structures that we saw along the trail that would have been the foundations of lodges or something of that nature. This scene was a surprise to us. You could pass under the ice into a cave / cavern area that had ice forming from the roof of the rock as well as from the ground from the dripping water.  This is straight ahead of the bridge seen in the image above. Very cool! I am not certain how these had formed but they were like ice marbles. This one spring of water in particular appeared to have large amount of iron in the water.  You can…

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