This spot is rather new, built in about the last year or so. We took it for a jont after work. Met some people that maintain the trails as group of them were meeting for a ride. They do night rides on these trails it turns out. We took off without them as we needed the sunlight to navigate. Will be back!

Kicked off the first mountain bike ride of the year. Beautiful day, the sun felt amazing. Only had one close call, I was told by passing biker coming up a cliff.. it’s fun going down, and to just stay to left and keep my weight to the back. Well I ripped it, and it was a recipe for disaster. I had to bail out or I would have broke something. I’d guess 30-40% grade but with larger rocks.

Biked on the Montour Trail today and meet the 500 Mile marker I was shooting for this year. Now just need to see how many miles can get in for the National Bike Challenge. Currently have 999 points and 3 free beers at OTB Bicycle Cafe.

Here is the endomondo trail from some mountain biking through frick park.