After coming up past the jail trail, we V lined across the city towards the strip. Took this awesome nook at the convention center down to the flooded river.

After anything that floats contest stopped for a drink. Within minutes my bike was gone.. My poor poor bike. Oh the humanity! EDIT Found this as last accidental pic taken while getting some shots of the anything that floats race.

Launched this guy Friday night from top of mnt Washington.

Met down near North Shore area around 6pm and tore it up through the city. Grabbed a bite and a drinks at Redfins on Washington landing. This picture included Kennyb “in spirit” who we literally lost along the way. Nice picture of the skyline. Group photo with our horses.

HDR pic from camera360 of Pittsburgh from Grandview Park

These pictures were from the (extended) shore line of the north shore.  While meeting friends at rivertown for a couple beers we noticed the warnings were not a myth.