Checking on these house plants yesterday noticed that both these plants decided to bloom at the same time. I took a short time lapse of the jade hoya to catch a couple of the flowers popping. This is the other hoya with a flat leave

This video was made from images across a span of a number of months, I think Nov – Mar.  This was my first attempt to make a time lapse over more than one day. It started out on battery power, then located an AC power adapter for my camera which allowed this to function without recharging and replacing the batteries daily. I had my issues in this process. Not ideal location, too many images (setting on the intervalometer), not using manual focus, and the sad fact that the end would be of flowers dying. Live, learn, adapt, overcome, and do not repeat.

The plant could have been moved some time ago, but regardless is still doing great. It was a long recovery from when it lost all bit 2 leaves some point last year, since I took it away from the office has been doing much better. Either didn’t like the work or bad vibes in the office. From advice I pruned back few sucker leaves. That and this move should have it set to take off in spring.

Recently had to replant this date seed I sprouted from seed this thing is now a year old. Almost ripped a fresh date from tree last week, but was just out of reach. Will have to continue to grow my own.

This thing is going to try plant surfing. Might need to get a taller glass soon or cut the cork so stands more up right. I think if cut and positioned upside-down boat it may be more stable.

These things are rather strange.  Only make their appearance for a short time before loosing their luster and falling off. These two blooms where there when I saw it in the morning, and figured was worth a shot. tomorrow they will have lost their color and would soon fall to the table. such a short existence. The first attempt at this had camera malfunction and zoom was all messed up. this one turned out rather well. The pictures are an example of 24 hours between shots

I got this Red Prayer Plant from amazon back in the start of June.  It has been transplanted twice, this time to something it can really stretch out in.  Apparently I missed the fact that these raise their leaves every night.  I never did like reading lol  It was kind of a shock to me that they all started moving all of a sudden at dusk 🙂 This shot was taken every 10 seconds for like the whole day, I then rendered it at 60 frames per second to make it fluid.