Checking on these house plants yesterday noticed that both these plants decided to bloom at the same time. I took a short time lapse of the jade hoya to catch a couple of the flowers popping. This is the other hoya with a flat leave

This season the garden was full of a variety of tomatoes, eggplant, beans, and most of all peppers.  First the three pictured.. From the left, serrano, chili, pepperchini, then also grew habenero and ‘sweet’ baby bell. First with the odd ball, the sweet bell ones were to be like the ones get in a bag of yellow orange and red ones you get from the store. They grew significantly bigger, only green-red and spicy. These were started from seed along with the pepperchini in February of this year. The other hot peppers were purchased as starters. All peppers grew with with love and disappearances over the summer adventures. Makes for a spicy pepper 😛 This second and final harvest was sorted, as some were sun dried enough not to bother smoking and threw in dehydrater. Figure will blend or mortar and pestle them for spice. The remaining peppers were smoked…

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Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle   This was just test one, image every 2 seconds 30 fps video = 22 seconds (25fps would be 26 sec)

I didn’t have chicken wire. Made this device from wire fence did have.. Tied up the holes with like 30yard of fishing line. Stay away birds. MINE!  The seeds now are like basketball size. It was soo tall before gravity over took This is second plant. The bumblebees love it. 

FASTER Remix for 2x slower version look here This was taken over the span of 30 days. Taking 1 picture per minute (needed to use some scripting magic to reduce the images down).

This video was made from images across a span of a number of months, I think Nov – Mar.  This was my first attempt to make a time lapse over more than one day. It started out on battery power, then located an AC power adapter for my camera which allowed this to function without recharging and replacing the batteries daily. I had my issues in this process. Not ideal location, too many images (setting on the intervalometer), not using manual focus, and the sad fact that the end would be of flowers dying. Live, learn, adapt, overcome, and do not repeat.

Found these FREE REI classes recently with a Beyond Bike Maintenance Basics free class held by REI which was very useful. Since then have kept an eye on upcoming events on their calendar. Tonight’s class was on medicinal plants. what i need to do GPS Trail + American Ginseng juicing aloe vera I forget what else was Appalachian specific, or possible in this area.  my note taking sucks, but i know someone that does better notes, and.. i am, because we are 😛