Put the intake bits in the rx7 after leaving it apart for like 2 years. Still have power issue but car started up easily and perfect idle. Left the car out of the garage to clean it up a bit, and got a free car wash out of the deal.

Rotor #1 Rotor #2

Looks like something broke with the intake tempature sensor in my afm. Have not found if there is a fix for it. Manual says should read between 2,000-3,000 resistance. But am getting nothing when i test the pins. This video was a help in this process. ——EDIT——- What I found out is that I am an idiot and put the multimeter into the wrong setting for that particular test. Needed to be on 20K no 2k… back to the drawling board

If you are light on the throttle it seems to go up the rpms quicker than if you just WOT.  it get sluggish / bogs when the engine noise gets deeper.

Have been fighting a fuel issue with my FC RX7. After changing the fuel filter and no improvement I purchased fuel strainer / sock that attaches to the fuel pump. Located the harness to relieve pressure in the fuel system. Found along the left rear strut tower. Start the car, disconnect the plug and car runs out of fuel. Then just open the gas cap and the system is completely depressurized.  Get the cover off to access the fuel pump and find the mounting screws are nasty, real Nasty. These 8 crews looked like crap from the start so I was cautious in removal. I used plenty of pb blaster and downward force and still stripped two of these. Options for extraction gets a little hairy when a spark would cause an explosion. Was able to notch a slit in the screw with a chisel for removal with a flat…

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Before the christmas season was belched out after Thanksgivings dinner I tried ordering a clutch fan. Rockauto.com who I have received dozens other items from shipped wrong part. With photos showing differances in design they determined total stock of 5 from one possible distribturer had miss labeled the inventory. Sent shipping label and refunded sale. But still need this thing replaced. Went with one on ebay. Car part out I assume. Its a best of luck no warranty as is sale.

When I first attempted to install this Shifter as it came there were several issues with fitment. The bushing on the ball at the bottom of the Shifter made the unit sit too high to be installed.  Another issue was that the bushing in the center ball was not properly shaped and did not allow the top cap to fit on top of the adapter ring when trying to bolt up. I watched someone’s solution on YouTube that was to remove both of these plastic parts and install.  When I first attempted in this fashion it was close. But the end result was the sloppiest Shifter ever.  The adapter ring did not have a nipple to ride in the slot. The result of this is that the Shifter could freely rotate in the transmission. Plain stupid.  The adapter ring did have a threaded hole so I took a trip to…

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