I was having some issues with engine noise in the Saabaru and decided to swap rather than rebuild the engine. I got this EJ208 from a Canadian importer that gets low mileage engines from Japan. This is how the it started getting this mailed to my house. I unwrapped wrapped it and got it mounted on a stand for what was to come. I then pulled the old engine out so that I could start to swap over accessories to the engine on the stand. As you can see, beers and hammers are required. All was going fine, until it wasn’t. I had a bolt that broke swapping over the cross flow pipe for the coolant. It took a week to figure out how to get it out. I tried slotting it to remove with a flat head screwdriver, welding the broken part to a nut so that could unscrew…

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Need to take focus to document and reflect on events. Here is a 90 deg turn with just throttle articulation.

The installation was to prevent oil being sent through the intake. 126k miles on the engine and increased boost from Vf48 upgrade increases tendency of blow by. This deletes simple ball bearing type pcv valve and puts heated tank that drains back oil collected and supplies clear oil free air to intake pre-turbo. First challenge was to move cruise control module as I need to mount aos on these two bolts.  C Tool the unit off and trimmed the mounting bracket to use only one of three mounting points. Lowering the mounting to below aos. The only real issue I had was the connection from aos to tmic crossover pipe was not long enough. The only documentation made it appear they swapped the valve cover and output port, this would not work for me. Purchased 2 ft of 1/2 hose and made it work. 

I watched this video  Went to harbor freight and pick up dual action polisher metal polish and some 303 Taped off around light cleaning with window cleaner and dish pad and went at it.  And after  They turned out great will use this method again 

I head out Monday morning to warm up my car for work and notice someone hit my car with spray paint. No tag of gang name or offensive symbols but a dot with a run of the paint it. But still why? A Co worker leant me a wad of medium clay bar. Some soapy water and 10 minutes it was clear again.

I installed some new strut mounts and set of USDM STi Pink wagon springs that I found on craigslist. At this time since knew would require an alignment, so I went and purchased a new axle to replace one that was torn since I got the car. This would get all things that would knock the alignment out in one shot to save time. In the process of installing that axle I found that the drivers side was torn again. But the bigger issue I ran into was the inner joint on the axle popped out and was not going back in without removing.  but since it was now 3-5 inches longer, the axle would not come out of the hub! I pulled the tie rod, then when separating the ball joint with pickle fork it ripped the crap out of the rubber boot.  Domino effect got me good in…

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I know what I am going to use this for, but the included instructions confused me, so I looked at the address on the business card. www.hydroclubusa.com Would be interesting to see what this would do on early 90s Honda. Would kill a modern day engine. The uncle Sam theme is the best part of the site. Not sure if will get any benefits with out proper tune of the caf. But this guy started his own business with a kit to mix hydrogen and gasoline to a car with a fuel cell. Weird that has been disproven in tests, but why not believe him. The devils advocate in the info on the site makes me curious 😉 I wanted this part to run a green hose on my engine to my brake Booster. This will restrict air flow in one direction and replace the check valve that is built…

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