The installation was to prevent oil being sent through the intake. 126k miles on the engine and increased boost from Vf48 upgrade increases tendency of blow by. This deletes simple ball bearing type pcv valve and puts heated tank that drains back oil collected and supplies clear oil free air to intake pre-turbo. First challenge was to move cruise control module as I need to mount aos on these two bolts.  C Tool the unit off and trimmed the mounting bracket to use only one of three mounting points. Lowering the mounting to below aos. The only real issue I had was the connection from aos to tmic crossover pipe was not long enough. The only documentation made it appear they swapped the valve cover and output port, this would not work for me. Purchased 2 ft of 1/2 hose and made it work. 

As I chimed in the new year, I was land locked at my house for its start with my brakes stuck on, it was not smart to travel more than required even after my attempts to Macgyver the situation After the temps returned to around freezing after the polar vortex it was finally time to install the parts that arrived. I forget the camera settings of the camera.  After this was taken I swear was not home other than to sleep for the whole next week.  It was harder to figure out the name of this track than expected! then had to go to a cover so that that it was long enough for the video. Thanks for the help Ray

Noticed my brake was dragging and couldn’t determine if was the e-brake (drum) or disc brake sticking. Well I found out too late when the pad ran out of compound on the outer side and could see gouging in the rotors. Goal was to diagnose the issue and get parts list. Meanwhile making the thing have more pad to drag out, basically buy time and make it work better than does now. The caliper failed by corrosion / rust most likely making the piston not release after hydraulics squeeze it tight. Although this is more costly than it being parking brake(drum), I’m sort of relieved not from me playing in the snow

This was an abadoned buildings lot after a quick snow fall over the weekend.  After being there just a short while I looped it and stalled it by mistake and had to call for help.. Think the battery + cold needs it topped off. The backing music is from this awesome video, who knows what they are saying but its still fun! 😀  

This car was built for this years Pikes Peak race.  I watched the forum for the progress on this build. Such a quick build considering it was not following someone else path.  This thing is genius craftsmanship.  I do not know what ended up getting but was targeted at 250hp 360 Ft lb

Looks like announcements at upcoming DefCon that they have found exploits to make your car jerk its wheel on its own or speed up on its own. This sounds like the perfect mechanism for how to make Keanu Reeves’ movie speed a reality. At least they didnt say Subaru any where in the article. The hacking on a subaru is a lot more fun and less scary. When this day comes it will be fun, flashing tunes like it was a ROM on phone. I will likely be getting a 06-08 Forester XT next, need something that makes boost. Unless get another GC8 that is swapped.

Only days after putting new brakes on my car a noise started when engaging the clutch. The throw out bearing was failing. The short of it is needed a clutch installed to resolve the issue, and while in needed a wheel bearing in the rear. Parts was my task as I did not want aftermarket Oem grade parts. Distributor was faced with issues when packing order, was delayed from Saturday to Tuesday delivery, which was delayed to Thursday turned Friday delivery thanks to FedEx. So now they have the parts and it’s a holiday weekend. Will be Wednesday Thursday before done. They tell me there were three bolts missing when taking out the transmission. One on bell housing, one on starter, and one on driveshaft. This means that mechanic I used on the day one of owning the car did a pass poor install beyond the crap that I already…

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