Checking on these house plants yesterday noticed that both these plants decided to bloom at the same time. I took a short time lapse of the jade hoya to catch a couple of the flowers popping. This is the other hoya with a flat leave

I used Photomatix to batch process the bracketed images and then rendered into a video.

I am a big fan of bonobo, and same with the new 2017 album. Like the work on the time lapse done on this video

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle   This was just test one, image every 2 seconds 30 fps video = 22 seconds (25fps would be 26 sec)

A local detour I took a time lapse of over the projects duration.  This was over a couple months. Trimmed out nights and reduced down half the number of frames that much was not going on so that times like when laying the concrete platforms has more frames.

FASTER Remix for 2x slower version look here This was taken over the span of 30 days. Taking 1 picture per minute (needed to use some scripting magic to reduce the images down).